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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Net

When Internet pioneer began doing business in 1995, analysts forecast a day when people would sit around all day, relying on their computers to order everything from cat food to groceries. Many consumers would see little reason to venture out to the shopping center and visit an actual store.
More than a decade later, online stores have become an established part of the retailing world but those early predictions appear unlikely to ever pan out.
In the next five to 10 years, those who are already comfortable shopping online are likely to grow even more so, funneling more and more dollars to Web sites as they continue to increase the number and amount of products they buy online, they say.
That’s the good news for online merchants.
The bad news: The bulk of the people who haven’t already tried online retailing are likely to stay on the sidelines, analysts say. That’s going to make it harder for companies to continue the rapid pace of growth they experienced in the early, days of the online retailing boom. What do you think?


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